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Hoeve de Knol - Weddings, meetings and overnight stays

On the edge of the provinces Limburg and Brabant, surrounded by meadow and forest, is the small village of Holthees. This village, near the river The Maas, is where Hoeve de Knol is located. An estate that 100's of years ago served as a resting place for the horses of the nearby located Castle Makken.

Nowadays the old horse barn is transformed into a comfortable small recreational area where freedom and respect for nature are thought of highly. Hidden behind the trees of a dead end street on the edge of a forest, you’ll find all the space you need to enjoy a lush stay.

Celebrating life with friends and family, a romantic weekend away, discovering the area with your children or be alone in all its serenity.

What is your preferred stay?


5 acres of land - find a place to snooze in the sun, finally read that book in a hammock or near the fireplace, pick apples or cherries from the trees in the garden or play a game of bowls.

In the evening celebrate life with games, a drink on your own terrace, unwind and recharge.

Find more information here on our accommodations.

Parties & Festivities
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Finally that party in a beautiful green environment or the much needed brainstorm session with space around you. A wedding ceremony underneath the willow, dance the night away in the pavilion or have a teambuilding activity on the lawn - it’s all possible with us.

Make use of our handbow track and French bowls track, bring the group along to a cow-milking activity or play a game of farm golf. There’s enough to do and discover in the green!

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