Holthees was founded around a Middle Age chapel that was first mentioned in 1359. 

The Maria chapel in the center of the village dates back to the 15th century. Now the chapel is being used for representative and cultural purposes.

With 540 people, Holthees can be called a hamlet - a beautiful one that is.

There is however lots to discover in the near vicinity!

Oorlogsmuseum Overloon
Zooparc Overloon
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Wisdom comes with age. In the oldest city of the Netherlands they know very well what a good atmosphere entails for everyone. Whether you're into culture, nature, shopping or ready for a bite and something to drink. Nijmegen has something to offer for everyone.

War belongs in a museum. That's the slogan of the Warmuseum  The Warmuseum Overloon presents the history of the Second Worldwar. You see how it has come this far that in five years time, over fifty million people have lost their lives, but also how the oppressed people have become creative in their shortnings. There is attention for the resilliance, but also for the prosecution. At last, of course there is special attention the the liberation, with special attion to the Battle at Overloon.


National Park De Maasduinen is unique because the longest riverdune of The Netherlands is located in this area. these have been created by a playful collaboration between water, wind and humankind thoughout the centuries. Because of this, beautiful wildlife has been created.

ZooParc Overloon

As a true discoverer at ZooParc Overloon you'll see the habitats of the cheetas, tigers, monkeys and many more exotic founa life.

During the expeidition you'll complete several challenges. But be aware, the lions are on the lookout for you.…


Hoeve de Knol is 3 km away from the Pieterpad trail.

At your own speed, experience how pleasant it is to hike through the sceneries that you'd otherwise only see by train or car. 'Het Pieterpad' takes you to the smalles roads and paths, mainly unpaved. The distance per day is something you decide yourself.


You can come to Venray for the wide assortment of cosy cafés, great restaurants and quick eateries. Venray is a breading place of culinary highlights ánd is the place to be for a good cup of coffee. 
An ice cream, a pint of beer or a good glass of wine. In the summer, Venray has many terraces to enjoy the sun in the vibrant city centre.

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